Initial Consultation

In the Ayurvedic consultation client and practitioner explore causes of physical or emotional discomfort from a holistic perspective of the Ayurvedic model. to arrive at the best path for a return to wellness. We consider health history as well as circumstances that are creating stress and unhappiness.

Because the Ayurvedic approach is able to look for solutions in restoring health outside the realm of traditional preconceptions, both client and practitioner can see a situation freshly and originally. The consultation produces essential understanding of cause and effect relationships that are occurring on deeper levels and the client learns to take effective action to return to and maintain balance. Ayurvedic dietary guidelines, herbal heathcare and bodytherapy are utilized initially to balance the system. When stability is attained, the client and practitioner can explore and remove deeper causes of conflicts which may be creating recurring imbalances. Both personal and telephone consultations are available at the Center.

Dialogue Sessions

Dialogue is recommended for people who feel they would benefit from a gentle process of self exploration. In a dialogue session a skilled mentor is present to stimulate your own self discovery in the most loving way possible. The result is an extraordinarily effective and beautiful tool to help people be happy and comfortable even in the face of adversity. You may schedule a series of sessions or a single private session. Generally a session will last one to two hours, based on your preference. Cost: $60.00 per hour, by phone.

The Creating Coach

We all have life dreams/goals, whether a loving relationship, financial independence, a career of choice, abundant health or just whatever makes your heart sing!

When we are moving toward what we want, our life seems fun and we are happy. On the other hand when our life is solely organized around problem solving, our life can be stressful and empty. The Creating Coach supports you in bringing into being what matters most for you and also helps maintain well being during periods of adversity. Actual coaching sessions can take place over the phone or at The Center. ( Also see Putting Our Dreams into Action Class ) Session fees are $35.00 per half hour or $60.00 per hour.

Ayurvedic Massage

In our fast paced-culture, we build up bodily toxins through unhealthy lifestyles, dietary regimes as well as environmental pollution. The consequences are low energy and low immunity. Ayurveda offers a natural system of cleansing and rejuvenating the body. Treatments utilize warm medicated oils and massage with steam treatments.

A complete program includes modifications in diet and herbal preparations with a series of treatments. This Ayurvedic program is one of the most effective methods of removing disease-causing toxins in the body to bring about health, rejuvenation and longevity. ( not currently offered at this Center)

Polarity Therapy Routines

Chronic stress is a by-product of the life-style and beliefs of modern society. Excess tension in the body/mind blocks the flow of the life force that supports us mentally and physically. Polarity Therapy is a self-applied hands-on technique that relaxes and energizes the body/mind. It is a gentle, but powerful way to support our other efforts for creating wellness. Can be included in a consultation.

Postural Integration Bodywork

The connective-tissue membranes are literally the boundaries of our form. They can support or restrict the freedom of motion that is necessary for healthy movement. These membranes are designed to be semi-permeable with a healthy elasticity and layered order. Stress creates excessive tension and we lose the natural balance of these tissues causing pain and fatigue. Hands-on work is combined with movement techniques to relieve pain and restore a balanced range of motion for a return to an active lifestyle. (not currenrtly offered at this Center)

Classes which can be scheduled at The Ayurvedic Center

Ayurvedic Cooking Classes
Learn to prepare light, nourishing meals using the principles of Ayurveda to stay healthy throughout the seasons. Minimum 4 participants.
Class fee $25
Evenings 6:30-9:00 PM.

Introduction to Polarity Therapy
Learn to relax and energize your client or partner in 15 minutes after a stressful day.Minimum 4 participants.
Class fee $25
Evenings 7:00-9:00 PM.

The Creative Lifestyle
Learn how to generate health and happiness by expanding your ability to live from a creative perspective. This course teaches the creating principles in a class format. Minimum 4 participants.
Cost. $125
Weekend or six evenings. Call for dates.

If you would like to organize a class and receive a 20% discount or for information about scheduled class dates contact The Ayurvedic Center.

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