The theory of tri-dosha

Have you ever wondered what accounts for the basic differences between people? According to Ayurveda, a holistic science of health and happiness, your individuality comes from a unique combination of three basic operating principles or doshas found in nature. Vata, pitta and kapha are names for these three principles of movement, heat and stability, which combine on different levels to determine each person's mind/body type or constitution. Vata controls all movement in the body such as respiration, circulation, elimination and the flow of nerve impulses to and from the brain. Pitta governs digestion and assimilation of food and liquids throughout the body. Kapha governs protection through the mucus membranes and stability through bone structure.

Your overall constitution includes your unique set of attributes, tendencies and personal traits. It also explains your personal needs for health and happiness, dietary requirements, types of exercise and climate. Vata types, for example, benefit from simple, nourishing food and a regular routine. Highly focused pitta types need to balance their intense schedules with more leisure time. Kapha types need a spicier diet and more stimulating activities.

Guidelines for taking the test

Read each question and make a check if you feel that it describes you. Answer the question if it applies over time rather than just recently. When you have completed each section, total the check marks in each category to produce your scores for each section.

Vata is cold, dry, light and mobile by nature

Your have a small frame and thin body
Your skin is darker and tends to be dry
Your hair is dark and tends to be curly
Your eyes are dark and small
Your appetite and digestion is irregular
You tend not to gain weight easily
You tend to have gas and become constipated easily
You have an active and creative mind
You tend to be talkative by nature
You learn things easily, but forget them easily
You tend to worry and become anxious under stress
You do not tolerate cold weather well
You tend to have cold hands and feet
______ Total score

Pitta is warm, oily and intense by nature

Your frame and musculature is moderate
Your skin tends to be fair and warm to the touch
Your hair is fine and light in color and may gray prematurely
Your eyes are penetrating and blue, green or gray in color
Your are determined and competitive by nature
You enjoy working as your own boss
You tend to be a perfectionist and become impatient easily
You enjoy challenge and accomplishment
You tend to be more intellectual by nature
You have a strong appetite and good digestion
You become irritable when hungry
Your stools are soft and may tend to be loose
Your health problems tend to center around inflammation
You are fond of cold food and drinks
You prefer a cool and dry climate
______Total score

Kapha is cool, damp and slow by nature

Your frame is large and you tend to be overweight
You gain weight easily and have difficulty losing it
Your skin is cool, pale and moist
Your hair is thick, dark and wavy
Your eyes are large and friendly
Your appetite and digestion tends to be slow
You are slow to learn but have an excellent memory
Your manner is slow and steady with a calm disposition
You are compassionate but tend toward attachment
You can skip meals without apparent discomfort
You have good stamina but tend toward laziness
You are a sound sleeper and prefer to sleep at least 8 hours
You are uncomfortable in cool, damp weather
Your health problems are centered around excessive mucus
________Total score


Determine the section with the highest score. This is the principle that is predominant for you. For example if pitta is the highest score then you are a pitta type. However if two sections have similar scores, then a combination of two principles dominates your constitution. For example you may be a vata-pitta or a pitta-kapha. For balance you would use the gudelines for the season in which that quality is predominate. For example fall for vata, winter for kapha and spring and summer for pitta dosha. These test results will give you some guidelines for basic constitutional types.

This doshic information is the first step to achieving balance on a basic level. Ayurveda also includes Astrology which reveals your inner constitution and is the blueprint or the form in which to channel your energies for more fulfillment in life. In short, the seed from which your tree will grow with your care. It is important to balance ego's concerns for survival with this deeper urge for fulfillment. Conflicts between the two can form the basis for mental and physical complaints.

Ayurvedic Uses of Astrology Charts

Astrology is used in Ayurveda to provide increased awareness about our individual gifts and challenges and guidelines for finding fulfillment in life. A natal chart which provides knowledge of our dominant elementary influences e.g. air, fire, water and earth, and their characteristics can aid in not only making more appropriate choices in careers and relationships, but also understanding our direction for balance. For example, an individual with a predominance of planets in air and fire signs will most likely have interests in intellectual and spiritual matters. He will learn that he needs to balance these intrests by developing more sensual and emotional sensitivity and practacality, the province of the of the water and earth elements.

Composite charts can also be useful as a reference for determining compatibility between two individuals. Awareness of harmonic and dissonant energy patterns can help partners recognize these patterns in situations that will emerge in the relationship over time. We can then more readily embrace the coming underlying challenges which are necessary for our own happiness, instead of feeling we need to hold on to some false ideal of a perfect relationship. Thus the awareness provided by astrological charts can be used as an effective means in not only in the selection of a career and good partner, but also in keeping relationships on a more rewarding level over time.

Lunation Cycles are beyond the scope of traditional sun sign astrology. They reflect how sun as spirit interacts with moon as mind during the new moon to create a perspective in life that sees through the purely reductionistic literal focus of the ego. The native learns the message of his pre-natal new moon and the following progressed new moons occuring about every 29 years interpreted through the Sabian Symbols. The native also sees his life purpose revealed through the phase of the moon, reflecting the relationship of both sun and moon at the moment of birth.

The Transit Reports describe the major transits that you will be experiencing over a given period. These pages can give you insight into the challenges that you will encounter and the underlying lessons that they offer you. There are literally hundreds of transits occurring for you each year, so this report focuses on those which occur more infrequently and therefore present the greatest challenges. The "Exact" transit dates and immediately prior to those dates, are the times when the energies described will be felt most strongly and when actual events related to the transit are most likely to occur. Read your transit report over once to get a general overview of the coming period. Then, as the issues described in this report begin to appear in your life, you can refer back to this report for suggestions on how to best handle the changes that you are experiencing. Even the worst transit can be a valuable experience if you are fortunate enough to "get" the lesson that it offers. The readings stress that you are the ultimate decider of your fate. Astrology can give you a "weather report" on the energies influencing you, but it is up to you to decide how you will react. Some people can benefit greatly under normally difficult transits because they eagerly meet the challenge head on. Others will not benefit from the most positive transits because they did not pursue opportunities presented to them. Request a personal reading if you would like to examine your upcoming changes more thoroughly.

In addition forecasts of our natural energy availability can be determined with Biorhythm Charts. Awareness of energy levels can be useful in scheduling for future events when we want our mental, physical and emotional energies to be at high levels.

For more information on all of the specific charts offered and costs, please see the last section on the order page.

Call or email us for a free copy of "Food and Herbal Guidelines for Basic Constitutions". If you have specific questions email us or consider a phone consultation. With a phone consultation you also receive more personalized recommendations for diet and food combining, suggested herbal formulations, Ayurvedic Recipes and Bodywork for your Ayurvedic Constitution. In addition you will receive suggestions for improving energy levels, plus articles on longevity, allergies and weight control.

Please note:

This questionaire and recommendations are provided for reference purposes only. They are in no way intended for medical diagnosis or treatment.

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