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Lotus Single Herbs & formulas. ( Please consult the herb history for information on which herbs are balancing for your constitution.)
AmalakiLotus 50 caps 12.95
ArjunaLotus 50 caps12.95
AshokaLotus 50 caps12.95
AshwagandhaLotus 50 caps13.95
BacopaLotus 50 caps12.95
BibitakiLotus 50 caps13.95
BoswelliaLotus 50 caps13.95
BrahmiLotus 50 caps12.95
BhringrajLotus 50 caps12.95
ChitrakLotus 50 caps12.95
GokshuraLotus 50 caps12.95
GuduchiLotus 50 caps13.95
GuggulLotus 50 caps18.95
GymnemaLotus 50 caps12.95
HaritakiLotus 50 caps13.95
HingvastakLotus 50 caps 11.95
Holy Basil (tulsi)Lotus 50 caps13.95
KutkiLotus 50 caps16.95
ManjistaLotus 50 caps12.95
NeemLotus 50 caps12.95
ShatavariLotus 50 caps13.95
Traditional Formulations from Lotus Herbals
Cold Relief (Sitopaladi) Lotus Powder Pack 12.95
Digestive FireLotus 50 Caps 15.95
GasEx (vata digest)Lotus 50 Caps 15.95
Gokshuradi GugguluLotus 50 Caps19.95
Immune ForceLotus 50 Caps 16.95
Joint FormulaLotus 50 Caps 16.95
Lean FormulaLotus 50 Caps 16.95
Liver SupportLotus 50 Caps 16.95
Mind ForceLotus 50 caps 16.95
Men's FormulaLotus 50 Caps 19.95
Punarnavadi GugguluLotus 50 Caps19.95
Stress FormulaLotus 50 caps 16.95
TrikatuLotus 50 caps 12.95
TriphalaLotus 50 caps12.95
Triphala GugguluLotus 50 Caps16.95
Women's FormulaLotus 50 caps15.95
Some of the above single herbs and traditional formulas are also available in powder form in 2.5 oz bottle packs at the above prices. Please specify powder packs by a separate email.
Other Proprietary Traditional Formulations
Chyavanprash Herbal Jam Himalaya 500g(17.6 oz)14.95
Chyavanprash (Dried Herbal Jam Concentrate)Himalaya 60 caps13.95
Kaishore GugguluBanyan 90 tabs24.95
ShilagitBanyan 90 tabs21.95
Yograj GugguluBanyan 90 tabs24.95
Task Specific Formulas.
Organic Joint Balm Himalaya 6.8oz13.95
JointCare ( Rumalaya) Himalaya 80 Vegicaps 24.95
LeanCareHimalaya 60 Vegicaps 22.95
LiverCare (Liv52)Himalaya 90 Vegicaps22.95
UriCareHimalaya 90 Vegicaps19.95
Digest Ease(pitta digest)Banyan 90 Tabs 21.95
Para CleanseBanyan 90 Tabs 21.95
Abana (HeartCare)Himalaya 60 VegiCaps22.95
Geriforte (StressCare) Himalaya 60 Vegicaps22.95
Glucosim (GlucoCare)Himalaya 90 caps22.95
Liv.52 (LiverCare) Himalaya 90 Vegicaps22.95
Mentat (MindCare) Himalaya 60 VegiCaps22.95
Menosim Menopause Support (MenoCare) Himalaya 60 Vegicaps19.95
Pilexim (VeinCare) Himalaya 60 Vegicaps 22.95
Prostane (ProstaCare) Himalaya 90 VegiCaps 24.95
Rumalaya (JointCare)Himalaya 80 Vegicaps24.95
Septilin (ImmunoCare)Himalaya 60 Vegicaps24.95
Tentex Forte (VigorCare)Himalaya 60 Vegicaps24.95
Vegelax (LaxaCare)Himalaya 60 VegiCaps22.95
Books for Body Mind & Spirit
Ayurveda, Self HealingDr. Vasant Lad10.95
Acid & AlkalineHerman Aihara(used-good condition)12.95
Healing Hepatitis NaturallyFrom Dr.s Prescription for Healthy Living5.95
Yoga of HerbsLad/Frawley15.95
Ayurvedic CookbookMorningstar 18.95
CreatingRobert Fritz12.00
Happiness is a ChoiceKaufman8.50
Other Products
Dental Cream Himalaya4.95
Massage Table Carrying Case (fits up to 32" Table) Stronglite Deluxe89.95
Neti Pot White Ceramic15.95
Nasya Mental Tranquility Oil for Neti Pot Banyan9.95
Tongue Cleaner Lotus5.95
Neem Face Pack Himalaya 9.95
Mahanarayan Massage Oil 4oz12.95
Soothing Body LotionHimalaya9.95
Protein ShampooHimalaya9.95
Protein ConditionerHimalaya9.95
Constitutional Assessment by phone - Please call 512 388-4047 or e-mail ( see below) to schedule
Astrology & Biorhythm Reports (by email) -please call or email birth data(name,date,place & time)
Natal Astrology & Aspects Combined Report (approx 25pp)>$29.95
Transits (3mos) Astrology Report (approx 10pp)>$14.95
Progressed Astrology Report (approx 15pp)>$14.95
Complete Astrology Report, Natal, Transits & Progressed>$39.95
Astro Mapping Astrology Report (USA, Europe or World Maps)>$29.95
Compatibility Astrology Report (2 charts-approx 25pp)>$29.95
Feng Shui Nine Star Ki Astrology Report (Calculate Lo Shu Square)>$9.95
Biorhythm Charts ( 3 months )>$9.95

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