What is a Creating Coach?

We all have life dreams and goals, whether a loving relationship, financial independence, abundant health, a career of choice or just whatever makes your heart sing! When we are moving toward what we want, life seems fun and we are happy. On the other hand when our life is organized solely around problem solving, our life can be stressful and empty.

The Creating Coach supports you in bringing into being what matters most to you and also helps to maintain well being during periods of adversity. He coaches you through the stages of the creating cycle:

  • visualizing the desired circumstances
  • seeing the current situation relative to what you want
  • holding the tension created by the difference to generate ideas & action steps
  • keeping your focus to sustain the process

How does the Creating Coach work?

The Creating Coach helps the client to gain clarity on what matters most to him. He helps the client to see the value in organizing his energies around creating what he wants, rather than on problem solving which at best only gets rid of what he doesn't want. The client learns to see the difference in the current situation and use that tension to generate ideas and actions to move toward his vision.

During coaching sessions he offers the client authenticity and feed-back, from a nonjudgmental perspective to teach the client to generate actions and keep up momentum. He helps the client to discard non-supporting beliefs which block the creating process. Beginning with small creations, the client can gain experience and confidence in the process. The impact on health also becomes apparent as new found energies are released into the system.

Scheduling Your Sessions

Actual coaching sessions can take place over the telephone or at The Center. The fees are $35.00 for a half hour session or $60.00 for a full hour. If you have not completed The Creative Lifestyle Course, we recommend that you begin with hour sessions to build a strong foundation for subsequent sessions.

The Creative Lifestyle Course

The Creative Lifestyle Course teaches the coaching principles in a class format to help you organize your life around creating end results.

Like other skills, lifestyle changes are easier to learn when practiced over time. Each course meets weekly for two hours, on six consecutive evenings at The Center. Course fees are $125.00. Organize a class and receive a 20% discount. Please inquire about the next class dates.

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